Charity Slot information for the 2016 Lavaman Triathlon!

The 2016 Lavaman Waikoloa is scheduled for Sunday, April 10, 2016 is SOLD OUT!

Aloha Athletes,

Thank you for your patience as we took some extra time to assess our numbers in order to estimate how many Charity Slots we would be able to allow for the 2016 Lavaman Triathlon.  For now, we will be releasing 100 Charity Slots and will be working down our Wait List in groups of 50 allowing 7 days to register for a Charity slot, before releasing slots to the next 50 on the list.  We will continue doing this until all 100 slots are taken.  Depending on the number of cancellations we receive, there is a possibility that additional Charity Slots will open up at a later date.  We hope to be able to accommodate as many as possible.

A Charity Slot requires that you make a $100.00 donation to one of the non-profits supported by the Lavaman in order to validate your registration.  You will register on-line on with the link you will receive when your name comes up for a slot, just as you would normally, however in order to validate your registration you will need to mail a check for $100.00 made out directly to the non-profit that you select from the list.  Please mail to Lavaman Triathlon c/o 75-252 Nani Kailua Dr. #46 Kailua-Kona, HI  96740.  All checks must be in US Dollars.  Once your check is received you will receive official notice that you are entered into the 2016 race and your check will be delivered to the non-profit.  You may go to the Lavaman website and obtain more information on each of the non-profits and their mission and why they are supported by the Lavaman Triathlon and its Competitors.  

We thank you for your support of the local community and those groups that help with Lavaman and provide many of the volunteers that support you on Race Day. Mahalo nui loa

Lavaman Charity Slot Beneficiaries