Bike Shipping and Rentals


  Raceday Transport is offering three service options for Lavaman 2018.

  1. Fully-Assembled Bike Transport:
    1. This option is from select states (Washington; Oregon; Colorado; Nevada; Utah; and California), and allows athletes the option of dropping off their bikes “Fully-Assembled” at one of our activated bike drop zones.  Your bike will be delivered to/from the event ready to ride. 
  2. PacknShip Bike Service:
    1. Utilizing Raceday’s discounted FedEx shipping option, Raceday Transport will email your shipping labels directly to your laptop or bike shop.  Your bike will be transported directly to our event site, where it will be assembled and prepped for your arrival.  After the event, you’ll drop your bike at our event staging area where it will be disassembled, boxed, and shipped back to its original destination.
  3. Raceday Rental Bikes:
    1. Raceday Rentals offers road and triathlon bikes in Standard, Premium, and Premium-Plus options.  Just choose your desired option and size and we’ll have your bike waiting for you on the island.

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

To speak with Raceday representative directly, please call 855.766.1010 or 916.778.7473